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Trax board



The Trax is a WiFi-enabled Tracked Vehicle Platform.

Based on the Kraft module, it allows driving two DC motors from 4.5V to 13.5V at up to 1.2A each.

An ESP8266 module (ESP-01S) is included for WiFi communication.

Though flexible and accepting any power supply between 4V and 6V, the platform is designed to be powered from 6 AA cells, organized in two packs of three cells each, amounting to around 4.5V.

Two 5mm LEDs are included and connected to GPIOs (P24 & P25).

The platform also features some prototyping space and breaks out some GPIO and communication interfaces.


  • Power input: 4.0V - 6.0V
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • 10x GPIO, including 2x PWM (P0-P7, P20, P21)

Kraft Connection

  • PWM A: P18
  • PWM B: P19
  • FWD A: P28
  • REV A: P29
  • FWD B: P27
  • REV B: P26

WiFi (ESP8266) Connection

  • Enable: P8
  • Flash: P9
  • Reset: P10


  • LED 0: P24
  • LED 1: P25


As shown below, the exposed pins are labeled directly on the board.