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At the heart of the Dooba SDK lies the dbuild tool.

It is responsible for figuring out the dependency tree of any firmware element, downloading/updating necessary dependencies, and actually building everything (compiling, assembling, linking).


Usage: ./dbuild [-h] [-v] [-p] [-U <USERNAME>] [-P <PROTOCOL>] [TARGET]
    * -h           Display this
    * -v           Increase verbose level by one (default: 0)
    * -p           Pull changes from element sources
    * -U USERNAME  Set default username for git access (default: current user or 'dooba')
    * -P PROTOCOL  Set default protocol for git access (default: 'https://')
    * TARGET       Build application TARGET (required if multiple targets in current directory)

If dbuild is run from a directory where only one firmware element exists (only one dfe.conf file), the "TARGET" argument can be omitted - dbuild will automatically build that element.